• WoW park is an innovative educational and entertainment center.
  • WoW park is a registered trademark.
  • WoW park is more than 5 sources of income
  • The launch period of 3 months (depending on the area)


  • Departure of our specialists for the preparation and launch of the project
  • Professional training and staff training
  • Building a business model specifically for your location in your city
  • The list of documentation required for the launch and operation of the project with a description of business processes
  • Design project of an innovative educational and entertainment center
  • Selection and purchase of the necessary accompanying inventory
  • Furniture, entourage and stylized costumes
  • Advertising and marketing support before and after launch
  • 24/7 support


  • WoW park – already open in Kiev.
  • WoW park is a favorite place of entertainment and leisure for children and adults.


  • The installations are interesting to people from 1.5 to 99 years.
  • WoW park is a creative workshop for the realization of boundless imagination.
  • The active gaming space includes bright, spacious halls for holding unforgettable events on our unique programs, a stage where discos, master classes, practical jokes and many interesting activities are held.
  • A unique innovative development, which is first used in Ukraine, reflected in a huge interactive room. It contains a projection in the format of 360 ° and provides for an active gameplay with a reaction to each movement and touch of the player. The system of special cameras and sensors allows you to interact with all the projections and creates the effect of complete immersion.