Birthday in WOW park

Elixir of festive WOW-mood contains:

  • favorite characters in vivid images
  • active entertainment on gaming locations
  • interesting interactive quest
  • creative design in the ArtFABRIKA
  • incendiary WOW-party

The party goes on 2,5 hours, and will be remembered for a long time.

Cottect a company of friends and celebrate a WOW-birthday with your favorite characters. *

* The entrance ticket for each adult is additionally paid – 50 UAH.

* The maximum number of program participants is 15. Other cases are discussed individually.

Attention! Children under 5 years old are allowed only with parents.

Celebration price list

Celebration program:

  • Weekday (10:30- 13:00) – 2600 UAH
  • Weekday (14:00-16:30) – 2600 UAH
  • Weekday (17:00-19:30) – 3000 UAH
  • Holiday – 4000 UAH

VIP- program:

  • Weekday (10:30- 13:00) – 4500 UAH
  • Weekday (14:00-16:30) – 4500 UAH
  • Weekday (17:00-19:30) – 4500 UAH
  • Holiday – 5500 UAH

Celebration themes

Ninjago and the Kingdom of the shadows

Dizzy adventures, acquaintance with secret techniques and Ninjago code – a real challenge for brave children.
Together with the brave heroes of Ninjago, the children will go on to perform difficult and fascinating tasks, overcome many tough tests and save everyone from dangerous shadows seeking to take over the world.
Favorite Ninjago-heroes will make your child’s birthday unforgettable!

Friend's Party. Girlfriends from Hartlake City

The best girlfriends from Heartlake City invite you to a world of amazing adventures! The girls decided to surprise everyone and arrange an unforgettable holiday – a grand concert in honor of the birthday!
But for the holiday to be remembered for a long time, Friend’s girls need your help. A lot of interesting tasks await you and your guests, preparation of a cool concert and scenery, and, of course, an incredible holiday, will leave the most vivid impressions!

Superheroes. Justice League (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman)

Superheroes came to life from constructors and are ready to protect the universe from adversity.
A lot of adventures will be waiting for the birthday party and the team to come up with a cunning plan, create their own special weapons from the constructor and go to meet the adventures.
Children will undoubtedly cope with all the tasks, because we know that the best forces of good are thrown into the fight against evil.


Super fashion bloggers are invited to their party. Incredible challenge, funny Vains and pranks, and, of course, own cool video blog. Modern children know how to have a great time! =)

Jumanji. Mysterious Jungle

Many gamers dream to get inside their favorite computer game and go through all levels in reality.
In the story of the game, a team of children must find an ancient artifact that was stolen from the jungle and its absence could plunge the world into chaos.
A fascinating quest, adventures and trials – all this awaits a brave team of children at the celebration!

Pirates of the Tortie Island

In the distant past, the brave pirate Joe traveled the seas and oceans in search of treasure. And he wrote all his way in his diary. And only nowadays the team of the employee has found this diary. They will take to complete the work of a brave pirate and find the treasured treasure. On their way you will meet incredible adventures, interesting tasks and many obstacles.

Surprise party

Bright and incredibly cute dolls LOL will arrange a cool surprise party for the birthday girl. Stylish outfits, photo shoots, trendy music and a huge surprise ball – all this will make the party unforgettable. Celebrate for real princesses and fashionable girls.

Amazing Superheroes (Lady Bug and Super Cat)

Favorite characters of Lady Bug and Super Cat will discover to the friens team the secrets of impersonation in superheroes. They were ordinary teenagers, who learned how to skillfully save the world from threats and rival their fears and insecurities. All this for the sake of defeating enemies, which want to capture humanity. So a team of cool teenagers take on the super missions of saving people with Lady Bug and Super Cat. After all, together it is easier to overcome everything!

Ardent Bladers

Dexterity, skill and ability are all features of our celebrate team of bladers. A healthy spirit of rivalry is breathtaking and focused. The atmosphere of the fight will unite the team of birthday and turn him into unrestrained gurus of blade. Make highly cool and prove that your game hasn’t analogues in strength, speed and technicality!

Princesses invite to the ball (Bel, Elsa, Rapunzel, Cinderella)

Princesses invite guests to birthday party. Royal affairs, celebrate dinners and adventures for the most charming children. Ready holiday outfits and visit the WOW-Palace!

Wow-Wonderland (Hatter and Alice)

The most famous adventure seeker Alice, along with the insane Hatter, will lead the team on behalf of fabulous bowls, unprecedented countries, unattainable mountains and sea, so getting into WOW-wonderland!
Colorful rivers of fun, oceans of joy and adventure will give children an incredible experience.

Holiday menu

Healthy and nutritious menu for active celebration

Download Menu Menu

Want something special?
Look what we have:

Capture festive emotions with bright photos

  • "WOW-photo" (40 pcs. on digital media)

    1000 UAH
  • "WOW-photo 4" (70 pieces on digital media + 4 pieces printed in A4 format)

    1200 UAH
  • "Trailer" (up to 3 m)

    1500 UAH
  • "Clip" (up to 5 m)

    2000 UAH
  • "Film" (up to 10 m)

    3000 UAH

Frequently asked Questions:

2.5 hours

A maximum is 15 children, and an unlimited number of adults with an entrance ticket, which costs 50 UAH

No, one ticket is for one person only without the right to transfer to another person

No, alcohol consumption in any form on the territory of the children’s educational and entertainment center is strictly prohibited!

No, the banquet room is booked only during the program. At the end of the time, guests must leave the banquet room. Visitors have the opportunity to continue booking the room for a fee.

Another question

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